The Life of a Paranormal Investigator - Part 2 "Teenage Years to Mid 20's"

Welcome to Part 2

Growing up in Bishop's Stortford was good, plenty to do and lots of friends to get into mischief with. I am far from being a saint and had the odd bit of trouble like most lads did in the 70's. Going through stages that moved with the times, new music that was adventurous, this was my attitude as well.... Adventure.

We used to walk around the graveyard which was just a stones throw away from my parents home. More often than not, we would take our girlfriends with us to try to scare them. My best friends Stuart and Bob along with me and girlfriends would be a regular bunch charging around and being wild kids that you hardly see today. 

I remember one evening in particular, we were all sitting on benches under a massive tree having a ciggy when at the same time, two of us notices movement in the distance. The lads being brave went to explore and to our amazement all witnessed an opaque figure standing next to a grave. We did not run at first, kind of shocked, but wanting to know more, so we stood there a little longer - watching. The element of the unknown got to us and as we watched, the figure continued to move, so we swiftly moved back to where the girls were and in the process of scaring them, spooked ourselves so much that we all took flight and exited the cemetery.

Another time my best friend Stuart was coming home from seeing his girlfriend Cheryl. He had to walk between the two cemeteries that the lane (Cemetery Lane) was named after. He would always take a short cut by hopping over the wall of the older cemetery and walking through the winding paths and then hop over another wall that was near his home. Never being frightened before and being used to the sounds of night critters moving through the dead leaves, he would have one of the most unusual experiences of his life. He would jump over the wall and proceed near to the chapel of rest, but this time it would be different. He heard what he believed were footsteps behind him, he looked around to see a massive orb shape, what he described as being feet rather than inches in size. It was moving behind him. Being curious but apprehensive, he ruled out the possibility of it being car lights, the night was quiet!. He picked up his pace and the footsteps were still behind him. He suddenly stopped and could still hear the eerie sound, so his ran as fast as he could to get to his exit point and then to the safety of his parents home. We have checked the grounds out and can find no explanation as to what it could have been, but he was genuinely frightened. 

A year or so later, I was walking down Cemetery Lane, it was about 1am and at this time it was peaceful. I noticed ahead of me what I imagined were eyes. I saw two yellow flashing dots about 10 feet off the ground. In the 70's there were so many UFO stories all over the country and I had witnessed some interesting light anomalies in the past, I have to admit I was being extremely cautious. Being an explorer of types, I continued to walk closer to see what it could be, was it an owl?, I had no idea. I found a stone on the pathway and threw it towards the lights, no movement, I shouted, still nothing, I was now some 12 feet away and that was close enough!. At that hour, if anything untoward was to happen, the chance of anyone hearing or seeing me would be next to none, so I decided to walk the opposite way. After half a mile I thought I would phone a taxi, it would save me a good hours walk!. The taxi arrived and I explained what I had seen. He was interested to go back the same way to see if we could find an explanation. He slowed down as we got closer, them he slammed his foot on the accelerator at the same time as swearing, it spooked him that much!. I was employed by a local company and had to walk past the cemeteries on my way to work, so left early the next morning to see if I could discover more. I found the answer and had to smile when I realised what had spooked us both. It was no more that a roadside workers beacon that must have been stolen and thrown up in the trees for a laugh. Luck would have it that it landed between 2 branches, one of them covering the middle of the lens thus making it appear as two lights. That was a great lesson, it taught me that there are so many possibilities and not all are paranormal - a great lesson!

As young men we would often philosophise about life, what happens after and all subjects about the unknown. One evening I was with Stuart and Cheryl, just having a social evening. We were talking about paranormal matters when suddenly a large mirror that was hanging over the fireplace fell to the floor undamaged. We inspected the mirror to find that it was hung with string, so debunked it as the heat from the coal fire weakening the string over the years. Why it should happen at that particular time is anyones guess!

In my mid 20's I was working in West London as a trainee salesman. When I had completed 3 months training in Hammersmith I was given a patch to sell electrical goods which covered all of Essex and parts of London. I used to call on clients in Harlow on a 2 weekly basis and had made friends with a lady named Ruby Fowles. She was an incredible medium and I had seen her on several occasions. She and her then husband Alf used to offer training in the psychic field, so I signed up for a course to explore the possibilities. It was a great experience and would be the start of a new adventure, card readings! 

At this time I was living in Braintree, Essex. I would take my dog for a walk and on one particular day I stopped to talk to a couple who had the same breed of do as mine. They invited me around for coffee one evening, I accepted the offer. They were a couple around their late 20's/early 30's and asked me the usual questions, what work do you do, what hobbies etc. I mentioned that I had completed a course on psychic training and that I read cards. They asked if they could be Guinea pigs, I agreed. Next time I went to see them I took my cards. I asked the lady to shuffle the cards and think about issues she was seeking answers to. When she had completed this I spread the cards out and studied the positions of each card. She was a pain to be honest, pointing at this card, that card and asking what they meant. I explained that the cards told me a story and that I would give answers as I read them. Then out of the blue I said a mans name, I cannot remember who it was now, but the reaction from the couple was something to behold. Her husband ran into the kitchen, she blushed and looked awkward and embarrassed, she was having an affair with the man named! It certainly proved a point to me, but what a shock for them!

Around this time in my life, my friend Ruby had been nominated as best medium in England, I believe it was through Womans Own magazine. I had regular readings coming through an advert I had placed in a leading psychic monthly magazine. Ruby had so much work coming through that she could not manage so she asked me if it would be ok with me if she recommended me. I was thrilled and said yes.

I me some really interesting people through readings, one was a daughter of a high ranking navy officer. She wanted to be a journalist and found she was being rejected when she attended interviews. The answer was quite simple, in her cards and runes there was a message about how she appeared and how to change it. Not that she dress wrong or was unpleasant on interviews eyes, it was the way she sat and almost stared the interviews out. She never saw this in herself, but thanked me for my honesty and within a short space of time, was employed by a major newspaper. 

Another lady presented me with a challenge I had little experience with. She was a lady from Ghana (West Africa) who was living in Birmingham. She had divorced her husband who lived in Swaziland (Africa), she had custody of her 11 year old son and lived in a 2 bedroom flat. She wrote of problems she had been having that were escalating each day and that she and her son were being attacked on a daily basis. She would come home from work to the smell of strong urine. Somebody or something had urinated in a coke can and thrown it down the stairs of her upper floor flat. Another experience was that she came home from work and a chicken that had been cooked and left in the fridge was found on the dining table ripped apart and half eaten.  What was worse it that she and her son had been thrown against walls, punched and were now having various substances being squirted into their eyes at night. 

I had never dealt with anything of this nature, but promised to be available as a friendly voice if nothing else. My first thoughts were that it could be a poltergeist as her son was at the age of puberty and this is not uncommon. However, I decided to create some protection symbols for her to place around the home. It seemed to subside for a few weeks, but one evening around midnight she called me on the phone. I could hear screaming and crashing going on in the background and was told that it was her son being thrown around. Next thing I heard was a massive grunt and the phone went dead. She phoned me back and the phone was snatched out of her hand and a strange masculine voice was trying to warn me off from helping her. I said that I was not scared and will continue to help. It did sound odd, but I know what I heard. She then came back on the phone and was swiftly punched to the floor by this entity. Around 2 am I was awoken with the most evil screaming coming from the corner of the bedroom. It had found it's way to my home, not a good thing!

Next day I made contact with her again and she said that she had seen 2 Zulu warriors standing in her kitchen. They were dressed in full battle dress with spears and shields, they kept appearing throughout the day. In the meantime the lady had contacted a "specialist" through a magazine, he could work against the dark and evil spirits and she asked my opinion. I knew I was out of my depth at the time, so suggested she check him out as best as possible. 

Next day this man called me for a full case history and when finished told me he had to give a blood sacrifice (his own) and salt the house after he conducted a clearance. He advised me that I may see tarantulas and snakes in my house, but they are not real!

Weeks had passed and we kept in touch, this man had been successful in removing this evil. I then had a full explanation about what this was.

The husband wanted custody of his son, but it had been awarded to his wife. He had conjured up, with help from a witch doctor, Zulu warriors to scare the lady so much that she would kill herself or be killed by evil.

I am happy to say that she and her son are living a happy life and no further incidents of this nature happened again. Little did I know that one day I would need to work against something as strong as this on my own. 


  1. Great read John,really interesting, can't wait for the next.

  2. So glad you decided to start this blog xx


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