The Life of a Paranormal Investigator - Part 1 - "The Early Years"

Hello everyone,

Many people have asked me how I became a paranormal investigator and what inspired me.

I believe I had a ghostly encounter when I was a young lad and when walking home from a friends house I saw a misty and almost see through figure walking up towards me from my home in Bishop's Stortford. I have to admit it gave me a bit of a turn, so I ran back to my best friends house and told his Father. He kindly offered to walk me home and told me not to be scared. We returned on the journey I had started alone, but did not have a further sighting, but I never forgot the strange figure and always wondered what it could have been.

When I was around 11, I used to stay with an Aunt and Uncle in London for a weekend here and there. My Auntie was an interesting lady and one day showed me something she had done for years. She had a game of cards called Lexicon, these were an alphabet game from what I can recall. She placed the cards in a circle on her big polished table and then took a glass and started to breath in it. I looked on interested as she placed the glass upside down on the table and placed a finger on the top and started asking "spirit are you with us". No knowing what to expect, I noticed the glass was trembling a little. She then slowly moved that glass in a circle inside the cards and continued to ask the same question. She spoke gently "spirit are you with us" and slowly the glass started to move with just her finger tip lightly on top of it. She asked me if I would like to join in, so I did as I saw no reason not to. The glass would move around the letters and would respond to my Auntie asking questions and would spell answers. Little did I know at the time, but this was very similar to Ouija. I cannot remember what questions were asked or answered, but it had me interested.

Every time I went to my Auntie's house, she would get the cards out and place them in the circle and repeat her verse. Sometimes my Mother would join in, sometimes my Father or my Uncle. It started giving answers that appeared to make sense, so I decided to try this at home with friends. My parents had the same deck of cards, so I guess Lexicon was popular in the late 60's - early 70's. 

I along with friends Stuart and Bob had our first try, it was not very successful, but on our second attempt we managed to get the glass to move on it's own with just our index fingers on the top. I cannot recall everything we discovered, but remember the gentleman who we had apparently contacted said his name was Mr Beard!. A very strange name you would think, but just months before I had a strange dream of a beard dancing around my bedroom but could not see a face. I questioned the spirit of Mr Beard and he said "I am that person and I rest not far from you". As you can imagine we were a little spooked by this and quickly put the cards back in the pack and said noting to our parents.

Where I used to live was just a few minutes walk from our local cemetery. It was a place we would play as children, jumping into piles of autumn leaves and annoying the gardeners who took the time to pile them up in a tidy fashion. We knew our way around the cemetery, but one day walked around some of the eldest graves and would you believe, found the grave of Benjamin Nind Beard

We did not continue with the glass and cards much longer, as we made a stupid mistake. Like playful lads that we were we teased one spirit we were in contact with and the glass left the table with such force and passed by one of our heads narrowly missing us. That was if, never again and that is a promise I keep to this day. Any connection with Ouija or any similar form can be extremely dangerous. Please do not try it, even for a dare!

Next blog I will continue with my late teenage years.


  1. Thanks for sharing John. I look forward to reading more x

  2. Both interesting and inspiring as are you <3 .

  3. Very interesting, we look forward to reading more. Thanks John xx


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